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Ray Considine

Ray Considine

17 Apr
Tuesday 21:30 - 00:15

Raymond is an accomplished & experienced musical entertainer currently based in Edinburgh.  His gigs are the perfect blend of fun, energy, talent & daftness.  He's really lovely as well, just a lovely, lovely fella. Really.  Ask him.


Raymond has been gigging since he was 15.  A multi-instrumentalist hailing from Cork, Ireland, he's played in many different parts of the world, both solo and in bands.  Now 27, he has a great balance of experience & youth, energy & professionalism, daftness & focus, tea & biscuits...


He gigs regularly each week with his guitar & voice in Edinburgh city centre.  He plays piano with up & coming Andrews Sisters-style group, The Victory Vixens.  He also finds time to be the musical element in 'To Be Continued', a 5-star Edinburgh-based Improv Comedy troupe.  He's a busy man, but he's always in the mood to put on the best show he's ever done.  He remains a bit uncomfortable referring to himself in the 3rd person though, so he's going to stop describing how amazing he

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